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Advancement 101

Advancement 101

In this program, Todd Guckenberger shares insights gained from his experience in developing and implementing a strategy to ensure that your non-profit remains financially supported. Raising funds is not the purpose of a non-profit, but a viable financial strategy is absolutely essential to the success of any non-profit organization.

Todd Guckenberger is co-founder and Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, an international non-profit dedicated to caring for and educating at-risk children and youth, and teaching caregivers how to care for traumatized youth.

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Advancement 101
  • Introduction to Advancement 101

    Feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of raising funds? Fear not! Start with Advancement 101.

  • Development 101

    Developing and maintaining strong, enduring relationships is a cornerstone of effective advancement.

  • Marketing and Communication

    "If you build it, they will come," is a nice idea, but in reality you have to tell your story.

  • Do Great Work

    Perhaps the most fundamental part of effective advancement or fundraising is to just do great work.

  • Advancement in Uncertain Times

    How do you "stay in the fight" when promoting engagement and raising funds in uncertain times?

  • Cautionary Tales and Conclusion

    The program concludes with cautionary tales about advancement.

  • Todd Guckenberger Bio

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    Todd Guckenberger is co-founder and Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, a non-profit that provides care and education to vulnerable children and orphans in Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, and India. Founded by Todd and his wife, Beth, in 1997, Back2Back now has over 300 employees globally. Todd ...