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Beth Guckenberger

Beth Guckenberger

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Beth and her husband, Todd, are Co-Executive Directors of Back2Back Ministries, a non-profit that provides care and education to vulnerable children and orphans in Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, and India. In 1997, the Guckenbergers moved to Monterrey, Mexico where they founded Back2Back and lived for 15 years.

A popular speaker and writer, Beth is the author of nine books, including adult and children’s titles. Beth is a graduate of Indiana University. Between biological, foster, and adopted children, Beth and Todd have raised eleven children.

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Beth Guckenberger
  • Conflict Resolution

    Episode 1

    Conflict is a part of even the best relationships, but you need to check your emotions.

  • Leaning on Your Partner

    Episode 2

    Depending on each other is not a weakness in a marriage. How do you learn to lean on your partner?

  • Personal Story

    Episode 3

    Beth shares a personal story about why a co-missional marriage is so important.

  • Skill of Immediacy in Problem Solving

    Episode 4

    What is "immediacy" and why is it essential to preserving and building a healthy relationship?