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Breathing for Stress Management: Part 1

Breathing for Stress Management: Part 1

In this introductory program, expert in stress management Jen Wright guides you through five lessons on using deliberate breathing techniques to manage stress. Good breathing is a powerful way to calm ourselves during challenging moments, and Jen Wright's insights will help you be a more effective leader when it matters most.

Jen Wright-Schneeman is a trauma specialist and Co-Founder of Real Human Performance (

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Breathing for Stress Management: Part 1
  • Finding your Resilience

    You have much more control over your feelings of stress than you might think.

  • Normalization of Stress

    Stress involves several different parts of our nervous system, and breathing can help regulate it.

  • Using Your Reset Breath

    A reset breath is a powerful technique for reducing stress and increasing emotional control.

  • Creating SPACE with breath

    A reset breath helps us create SPaCe in our environment: Safe, Predictable, Controllable.

  • Fundamental Technique of Reset Breath

    Jen Wright guides you through the Fundamental Technique of a Reset Breath.

  • Jen Wright-Schneeman Bio

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    Jen is a founding partner of REAL Human Performance, which provides services focused on building physical fitness and mental resilience. Jen specializes in directing stress management, performance optimization and posttraumatic growth through mindbody resilience skills.
    Jen spent over a decade a...