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BurnBright Basics to Family Dynamics

BurnBright Basics to Family Dynamics

5 Seasons

In the BurnBright Basics to Family Dynamics we will help you strengthen your familial relationships, maximize your time together, and learn how to best maintain your cool amongst various personalities and dynamic difficulties. This series includes 5 essential programs:
1. “Family Life” by Beth Guckenberger
2. ”Co-Missional Marriage” by Beth Guckenberger
3. ”Sharing the Load: Introduction to Delegation” by Andrew Hill
4. ”Breathing for Stress Management” by Jen Wright
5. ”Emotional Regulation” by Jen Wright

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BurnBright Basics to Family Dynamics
  • Conflict Resolution

    Episode 1

    Conflict is a part of even the best relationships, but you need to check your emotions.

  • Leaning on Your Partner

    Episode 2

    Depending on each other is not a weakness in a marriage. How do you learn to lean on your partner?

  • Personal Story

    Episode 3

    Beth shares a personal story about why a co-missional marriage is so important.

  • Skill of Immediacy in Problem Solving

    Episode 4

    What is "immediacy" and why is it essential to preserving and building a healthy relationship?