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Eve Mannix

Eve Mannix

7 Episodes

Eve Mannix (she/her) is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant. She uses her DEI expertise, education background, and strategic thinking to help transform organizations. She is a 10-year veteran of the education sector, with a focus on using technology to amplify accessibility for all learners. As a biracial Asian woman in the South, Eve brings a unique perspective to the DEI conversation. She holds a masters degree from Vanderbilt in Leadership and Organizational Performance.

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Eve Mannix
  • Introduction to Diversity

    Episode 1

    What is diversity? Why has it become such an important aspect of work and leadership?

  • Changing the Way We Think

    Episode 2

    We are more likely to be effective leaders of diverse teams if we embrace a richer and more inclusive view of diversity.

  • Race
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Perhaps no concept in diversity is more difficult than race and it's essential for leaders to be prepared to discuss it.

  • Ethnicity

    Episode 4

    How does ethnicity differ from race? Ethnicity tends to be more about factors such as language and culture, while race is more about physical appearance.

  • Sex and Gender

    Episode 5

    What is gender? How does it differ from biological sex? Gender issues have become prominent and it's important to understand what gender does and does not mean.

  • Sexual Orientation

    Episode 6

    Sexual orientation / preference has become an important aspect of diversity in many organizations. Understanding different aspects of sexual orientation will help you lead with greater empathy and understanding.

  • Review and Conclusion

    Episode 7

    How can you operate with greater understanding of diversity? What are some next steps.