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Bad Measurement

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Bad Constructs

Garbage In: What Makes Bad Data • 4m 15s

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  • Bad Measurement

    Even when you measure the right thing, your data will be bad if you measure it in the wrong way. "Accuracy" is a good word that describes what we get from good measurement. But when our measures are not accurate, our data will mislead us.

  • Sample Bias

    If your sample is biased, it doesn't matter very much what you do with it. With selection bias, sample bias, and more, it's a lot easier to get a biased sample than get a representative one.

  • Problems with Variance

    If every employee gets a positive evaluation, then what is the purpose of the evaluation in the first place? Without variance in data, we can't really draw any conclusions about what data means. Yet often in the workplace we value consistency so much that we drive variance out of key measures. Th...