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Introduction to Diversity

Introduction to Diversity

Building and leading diverse teams is a crucial leadership responsibility, yet as "diversity" becomes more complex, talking about diversity in a way that is both well-informed and constructive becomes more challenging for leaders. In this program, diversity and inclusion expert Eve Mannix walks us through key aspects of the language of diversity, helping us learn how to talk about diversity with both empathy and understanding, so we can build and lead teams that reflect and celebrate diversity.

Introduction to Diversity
  • Introduction to Diversity

    What is diversity? Why has it become such an important aspect of work and leadership?

  • Changing the Way We Think

    We are more likely to be effective leaders of diverse teams if we embrace a richer and more inclusive view of diversity.

  • Race

    Perhaps no concept in diversity is more difficult than race and it's essential for leaders to be prepared to discuss it.

  • Ethnicity

    How does ethnicity differ from race? Ethnicity tends to be more about factors such as language and culture, while race is more about physical appearance.

  • Sex and Gender

    What is gender? How does it differ from biological sex? Gender issues have become prominent and it's important to understand what gender does and does not mean.

  • Sexual Orientation

    Sexual orientation / preference has become an important aspect of diversity in many organizations. Understanding different aspects of sexual orientation will help you lead with greater empathy and understanding.

  • Review and Conclusion

    How can you operate with greater understanding of diversity? What are some next steps.

  • Eve Mannix Bio

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    Eve Mannix (she/her) is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant. She uses her DEI expertise, education background, and strategic thinking to help transform organizations. She is a 10-year veteran of the education sector, with a focus on using technology to amplify accessibility for all lear...