Introduction to Strategy: Strategy Principles 1

Introduction to Strategy: Strategy Principles 1

There are strategic decisions being made all around you, we invite you to tap into the power of strategy. In this introductory program of the Strategy Series, you will explore the fundamental principles of strategy through the course of seven lessons. You will also see how these principles of strategy look when they are being applied in a real-world setting enabling you to start seeing your world through the lens of strategy.

Dr. Andrew Hill is co-founder of BurnBright. He has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Master's in Public Policy from U.C. Berkeley. Prior to founding BurnBright, he served as a professor at the U.S. Army War College, a school for senior military and national security leaders, where he was the first Chair of Strategic Leadership.

Introduction to Strategy: Strategy Principles 1
  • Intro to Strategy

    We're talking about strategy. It sounds important, but what is it, really?

  • What is Strategy?

    Strategy is guidelines for decision-making amidst competitive uncertainty, to get an advantage.

  • Why is Strategy Important?

    Strategy helps deal with the 3 "C's" of the competitive environment: complexity, competition, and constraints.

  • Planning vs Learning Strategies

    Sometimes a plan is necessary. But sometimes the best plan is no plan at all.

  • Direct vs. Indirect Strategy

    "Hit 'em," or, "Hit 'em where they ain't?" Sometimes you need to beat the competition at their own game, but sometimes the best strategy is to avoid a competitor's strengths.

  • Quality vs Quantity in Strategy

    Successful strategies don't always require being the best. Sometimes being the cheapest works, too.

  • Strategic Narrative

    Strategy is also about the stories we tell and the meanings we give to the things we do.

  • Andrew Hill Bio

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    Before co-founding BurnBright, Andrew was a professor at the U.S. Army War College, where he taught senior national security professionals. As the War College's first Chair of Strategic Leadership, Andrew's research focused on connecting people, strategy, and innovation. He has a doctorate from H...