Know Thyself: An Introduction to Self-Awareness

Know Thyself: An Introduction to Self-Awareness

Why is it important to know ourselves? With increased self-awareness we become better at understanding the truth of our own behaviors, which is crucial to both self-improvement and good leadership. In this introductory program we explore the concept of self-awareness, looking at it from three perspectives: awareness of our instinctive, emotional tendencies (our "automatic self"); awareness of our model self (our "deliberate self"); and awareness of how other perceive us ("external" self-awareness). We can become more self-aware, and it's worth it! Research suggests that those who see themselves more clearly are more confident and creative in their work, make better decisions, build stronger and more positive relationships, and communicate better. So join us!

Know Thyself: An Introduction to Self-Awareness
  • Introduction to Self Awareness

    "Know thyself." Great advice, right? But what does it mean, and why is it important?

  • Why is Self-Awareness Hard for Leaders?

    More power usually leads to lower self-awareness; leaders tend to become LESS self-aware as they move up in an organization. This is a problem. But why does it happen?

  • The Automatic Self: Internal Self-Awareness

    A crucial part of internal self-awareness is understanding our instinctive, emotional tendencies, and also the heuristics (decision-making shortcuts) and biases that influence our thoughts and actions. These things comprise our "automatic self" and can be difficult to change. But if we are aware ...

  • The Deliberate Self: Internal Self-Awareness

    We have mental models of ourselves. This the the person we would describe if someone were to ask us, "What kind of person are you?" Yet often this model self differs significantly from our actual thoughts and actions. Awareness of our "deliberate self" is an awareness of our model self, our actua...

  • External Self-Awareness

    External self-awareness is an awareness of how others perceive our actions. What do our words and deeds mean to those around us? This is extremely important in leadership.

  • Tips for Building Self-Awareness

    What activities will help us increase our self-awareness? In this lesson, we explore both independent and assisted activities that build self-awareness.

  • Andrew Hill Bio

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    Before co-founding BurnBright, Andrew was a professor at the U.S. Army War College, where he taught senior national security professionals. As the War College's first Chair of Strategic Leadership, Andrew's research focused on connecting people, strategy, and innovation. He has a doctorate from H...