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Leader Insight: Seeing the World With Greater Clarity

Leader Insight: Seeing the World With Greater Clarity

Great strategic thinking requires sorting through a complex, ever-changing, and often foggy reality. To see the world with greater clarity, invest in developing some effective mental habits. In this program, leadership expert and retired U.S. Army Colonel Bob Dixon of Arete Strategies joins Andrew Hill to discuss three ways to be more effective at understanding your operational environment: focusing on HOW you think; understanding that being wrong feels like being right; and deliberately looking at things through different frames or perspectives.

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Leader Insight: Seeing the World With Greater Clarity
  • Introduction to Leader Insight

    If leadership were easy, we'd see fewer failures. Seeing the world with clarity helps us make better choices as leaders.

  • HOW We Think is as Important as WHAT We Think

    We all have mental models for thinking about the world. Sometimes, these models can lead us into bad decisions.

  • Being Wrong Feels like Being Right

    It's hard to know when we're wrong because being wrong feels like being RIGHT. What can we do to recognize our errors more quickly?

  • Seeing the World through Different Frames

    It's incredibly powerful to explore an issue from different frames or perspectives. Effective work relationships can help.

  • How to Increase Your Clarity

    Changing how we think sounds difficult. What can we do to increase clarity?

  • Andrew Hill Bio

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    Before co-founding BurnBright, Andrew was a professor at the U.S. Army War College, where he taught senior national security professionals. As the War College's first Chair of Strategic Leadership, Andrew's research focused on connecting people, strategy, and innovation. He has a doctorate from H...