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Leading with Compassion: the Trauma-Informed Workplace

Leading with Compassion: the Trauma-Informed Workplace

Understanding how past experiences can influence people's current behaviors in the workplace is the beginning of compassionate leadership. In this program, workplace trauma expert Anna Valdez explores how understanding and recognizing the widespread impact of trauma in the workplace can help leaders be more effective, and introduces trauma-informed strategies that can help team members feel safe and increase productivity.

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Leading with Compassion: the Trauma-Informed Workplace
  • Introduction to Trauma in the Workplace

    Trauma must be understood as not only an event, but also as lasting effects that can influence people's behavior far from the time and place of a traumatic experience. Understanding trauma is a key aspect of compassionate leadership.

  • Testing ACE

    The ACEs study reveals the prevalence of trauma in the American population, helping us understand the significance of trauma-informed leadership.

  • Trauma in the Workplace

    How does trauma can affect someone's productivity and perceived safety in the work place? The answer may surprise you.

  • The Four R's

    To create a trauma informed workplace, we must: (1) Realize how widespread trauma is, (2) Recognize the signs and symptoms, (3) Respond in a trauma informed way, and (4) Resist re-traumatization.

  • Implementing Strategies and Conclusion

    Trauma-informed leadership and management must be integrated with effective human resources practices, starting with the hiring and on-boarding process and continuing through an employee's departure from the organization.

  • Anna Valdez Bio

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    Anna Valdez is an expert in trauma in the workplace. She currently serves as the Program Director at Chosen Care where she leads a team that provides intensive services for children, youth and families who have been impacted by trauma. Anna has trained and advised both U.S.-based and internationa...