Life Transitions: an Introduction

Life Transitions: an Introduction

We have all heard the phrase that “change is inevitable.” Well, so are transitions. Whether you are moving cities, changing jobs, or leaving the country, you will have to deal with the psychological process of leaving behind the old and accepting the new. In this program we will prepare you for the transition process by providing you with a better understanding of the 5 stages in David C. Pollock’s Transition Experience: Engagement, Leaving, Transition, Entering, Re-engagement. There is no way to avoid the difficulties of transitions, but we can simplify the process through preparation and understanding.

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Life Transitions: an Introduction
  • Introduction to Transitions

    In this lesson we will introduce the concept of transitions as well as David C. Pollock’s Transition Experience.

  • Transition Stage 1: Engagement

    In this lesson we will learn about stage 1 of the Transition Experience: Engagement. This is our state prior to our big transition.

  • Transition Stage 2: Leaving

    In this lesson we will learn about stage 2 of the Transition Experience: Leaving. This is the point in which we have been presented with the change and are beginning to understand the transition before us.

  • Transition Stage 3: Transitioning

    In this lesson we will learn about stage 3 of the Transition Experience: Transition. Here we have made the change and are in our new situation.

  • Transition Stage 4: Entering

    In this lesson we will learn about stage 4 of the Transition Experience: Entering. This is when we have decided to psychologically settle into our new situation.

  • Transition Stage 5: Re-Engagement and Conclusion

    In this lesson we will conclude this module by learning about stage 5 of the Transition Experience: Re-Engagement. This is when we finally feel welcome and accepted in our new situation.

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