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Mirror Talk: Introduction to Personal Branding

Mirror Talk: Introduction to Personal Branding

Even though we love to remind ourselves, "don't judge a book by its cover", the reality is that in professional situations, many people do just that. The way you look, dress, and speak all reflect your personal brand. BurnBright Content Partner, Monique Douglas, founded the Grooming Greatness Foundation, works with people everyday on perfecting their brand. The first step? Practicing your "Mirror Talk".

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Mirror Talk: Introduction to Personal Branding
  • Introduction to Mirror Talk

    Monique Douglas introduces the 4 P's" in personal branding.

  • Purpose

    The first "P" in personal branding is Purpose.

  • Passion

    The second "P", is Passion.

  • Pride

    The third "P", is Pride.

  • Polish

    The fourth and final "P", is polish.

  • Conclusion

    Monique concludes her lessons on personal branding.

  • Monique Douglas Bio

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    Monique Douglas is the CEO of Clear Communication Consulting where she skillfully creates strategies to strengthen company culture through communication. Monique has over 30 years’ experience in cosmetic and hospitality sales and management, continually leading teams to over half a million dollar...