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Where Does Data Come From?

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Introduction to What Makes Good Data

Representing Reality: What Makes Good Data • 5m 38s

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  • Where Does Data Come From?

    Data doesn't just appear magically. It comes from somewhere. Data may be created from active methods such as experiments, interviews, or surveys, or passive methods such as observation or archival research. Understanding where data comes from is crucial to using it well.

  • Sample vs. Population

    What's a sample, and why should I care? Knowing whether your data is from a sample or a population helps you understand what questions to ask. Data from samples is easier to get, but it's also potentially biased. So with samples you want to know whether the sampling methods were good--meaning tha...

  • Good Constructs

    Choosing a good data construct is the most important part of getting good data. The construct is the thing we choose to measure. Hopefully, a construct is a good match for the thing we want to know. But sometimes it isn't. What makes a good construct?