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Todd Guckenberger

Todd Guckenberger

6 Seasons

Todd Guckenberger is co-founder and Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, a non-profit that provides care and education to vulnerable children and orphans in Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, and India. Founded by Todd and his wife, Beth, in 1997, Back2Back now has over 300 employees globally. Todd is an avid student of leadership. Over the last twenty years, he has become a sought-out voice and leader in the orphan care movement. Todd is a graduate of Indiana University. He and his wife have raised 11 children.

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Todd Guckenberger
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills, the 6 C's

    Episode 1

    Successful social entrepreneur and non-profit leader Todd Guckenberger introduces the concept of the "6 C's" of core leadership skills: Competency, Community, Communication, Collaboration, Clarity, and Capacity.

  • Clarity

    Episode 2

    What do you need to do? How well do you understand it? How clear is it to other crucial members of your team? If you don't know, or if it's not clear, then what do you do next? Leadership clarity is a crucial skill.

  • Collaboration

    Episode 3

    To achieve great things, we usually need help. If we can do it all on our own, then we don't really need to be good leaders. Leadership is about working in groups, and effective collaboration is at the heart of a great team.

  • Communication

    Episode 4

    There may be no leadership skill more essential than communication. No matter how competent you are in other ways, if you cannot explain what you are doing and why you are doing it, you are likely to fail.

  • Capacity

    Episode 5

    Understanding your own limits and the limits of key team members is a crucial leadership skill.

  • Competency

    Episode 6

    Competency is about knowing what you need to know and being able to do what you need to do in your work. Leaders need to have a good grasp of core operations.

  • Community

    Episode 7

    Community skill helps leaders pay attention to, understand, and connect with key stakeholders both inside and outside the organization.

  • Evaluation Tools, Concluding Leadership Skills and 6 C's

    Episode 8

    How do we evaluate progress in developing leadership skills?