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Todd Guckenberger

Todd Guckenberger

6 Seasons

Todd Guckenberger is co-founder and Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, a non-profit that provides care and education to vulnerable children and orphans in Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, and India. Founded by Todd and his wife, Beth, in 1997, Back2Back now has over 300 employees globally. Todd is an avid student of leadership. Over the last twenty years, he has become a sought-out voice and leader in the orphan care movement. Todd is a graduate of Indiana University. He and his wife have raised 11 children.

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Todd Guckenberger
  • Episode 1: Rules of Leadership

    Episode 1

    Are there useful “rules” for leadership? In this episode, Todd and Andrew talk about their own leadership principles and whether simple and effective leadership rules exist.

  • Episode 2: Drucker on Doing the Right Things

    Episode 2

    In this episode, Todd and Andrew discuss Peter Drucker's "the Effective Executive", one of the most influential books ever written about organizational leadership. What are Drucker's rules for being effective? Watch and find out!