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Leader Reflections

Leader Reflections

These programs feature successful nonprofit and business leaders sharing their insights and reflecting on the leadership lessons they've learned in the school of experience.

Leader Reflections
  • Leader Reflections: Nikki Pounds

  • Leader Reflections: Beth Guckenberger

  • Leader Reflections: Matt Garretson

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    In this program, successful entrepreneur and founder of the BurnBright Institute Matt Garretson presents key lessons he's learned in his career. He discusses the benefits of taking risks and developing curiosity as a growing business, and looks back on the early days of his business and the impor...

  • Leader Reflections: Todd Guckenberger

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    In this program, Co-founder and Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries Todd Guckenberger discusses important factors in his own leadership development story. He reflects on the dilemma between growing and developing leaders within the organization as opposed to hiring from outside. He also co...

  • Leader Reflections: Vic Trautwein

    Vic Trautwein, Country Director of Kids Alive International, Dominican Republic ( talks with Andrew Hill about the challenges of his work and his approach to leadership amidst the challenges of Covid. Kids Alive focuses on providing safe living conditions and a constructive educatio...

  • Leader Reflections: Monique Douglas

    In this program, listen to Monique Douglas reflect on leadership decisions in her career. Monique is the CEO of Clear Communication Consulting where she skillfully creates strategies to strengthen company culture through communication. With over 30 years’ experience in cosmetic and hospitality sa...