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Introduction to SMART Goals

SMART Goals for Leaders • 2m 39s

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  • How Specific is "Specific"? The "S" i...

    We all want to be better, but what does "better" mean? When we set SPECIFIC goals, we give ourselves clear, discrete things to do. Being specific is essential to a good goal.

  • Measuring What Counts: The “M” in SMART

    If we can't measure a goal, it's very hard to know whether we're making progress, much less whether we have achieved it or not. Make sure to include measurable elements in your goals.

  • Knowing What is Achievable Before You...

    One of the hardest things about setting a great goal is setting the right level of difficulty. You want to push yourself and your teams, but not too hard; you want to stretch yourselves, but not to the breaking point. So you want your goal to be challenging, but ACHIEVABLE--the "A" in SMART.